Inspired by the many perrenial flowers beds surrounding our old farmhouse located in Nova Scotia. Each spring I eagerly await for the first signs of life coming from the still partially frozen ground. Crocuses, Jacob's Ladder and Pussy Willows are just a few of my favorites. I especially love early summer when the air is getting hot and humid and the smell of the Lily of the Valley is heavy and the sound of bees and hummingbirds buzz through the air.
Some of these eggs could easily be placed in the Florals gallery since they almost always contain flowers. I chose to put them in a category of their own simply because the main focus of the design is how it is divided and not what is within those divisions. Repeated patterns of circles and diamonds, squares and spirals, all meticulously calculated and measured to exacting detail. Mesmerizing to look at, one could get lost in them.
This series was inspired by the beautiful handwoven Persian rugs produced in Iran and surrounding areas. Their intricate patterns and flowing florals are incredible to look at and apply wonderfully to the natural shape of an egg.
The Chiyogami (Yuzen) series incorporates the beautiful designs found on the handmade Japanese papers. The eggs are made in the traditional batik wax and dye process and also etching technique is incorporated to enhance the design and give it a 3 dimensional feeling. The unetched areas are then gilded with genuine 22 k gold leaf manufactured by August Ruhl of Germany.
Eggshell Jewelry
My jewelry is totally handmade and it is environmentally friendly! The resin I use to strengthen the pieces is commonly used to seal countertops, so it is extremely durable. It is crystal clear, contains UV filters to keep the colors bright and is made with NO Toxic Organic Compounds or Heavy Metals and is "Greenseal" approved, being formulated with no harsh chemicals! My unique batik designs are created using the same traditional methods of Pysanky or Ukrainian eggs. The Finch, Lovebird and Parakeet eggs are real teeny tiny Pysanky! The cutout pieces of jewelry are made using the Pysanky techniques on larger eggs, but once the egg is completed, the pieces are cut out, sanded, drilled and then finished with the Clear UV Eco resin to make them durable, waterproof and also give them a brilliant shine.
Custom Designs  
Including Ukrainian dancers in costume from the Poltava and Hutzul regions and a very fun egg with a Hawaiian theme. I hope to expand this category in the future, I love making these detailed eggs! These eggs are custom works requested by my wonderful customers. Usually, I am sent photos and ideas of what the customer has in mind. If you have an idea, please contact me!

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